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Date: 10th September 2016
Ferrite Clamp Core
Product name:Ferrite Clamp CoreAlternative name:Ferrite Split Core,?Split Ferrite Core,Snap ferriteItem No.:SCRC35B,SCRC70B,SCRC90B,SCRC1330B,SCNF65,SCNF100,SCNF130,SCRC16-13-8,SCRC16-16-8,SCRC70,SCRC90A,SCRC130B,SCRC50Application?range:1. Snap?ferrite core?for suppression EMI in high frequency range 2. Just clip it on and you will get clearer signal and faster data transmission. 3. Round cable snap-its can easily accommodate round cable or bundled wires with diameters from3.5mm to 13mm. 4. These assemblies are available to suppress differential or common-mode conducted EMI from 1MHz into the 1000MHz region.Color of case:black,grayMin order quantity:100pcsSamples:10?pcs?free samples