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Date: 10th September 2016
E Iron Powder Core
General Material-18 material:low core loss with higher permeability and low cost,Website:,good DC saturation characteristics-26 material:The most popular material.It is a cost effective general purpose material that is useful in a wide variety of power conversion and line filter applications-52 material:lower core loss at high frequency and the same permeability as the -26 material,It is very popular for high frequencyFeatures of iron powder coreHigh maximum flux density Low cost Large energy storage capacityShapeE shapeA ? ? ?mmB ? ? ?mmC ? ? ?mmD ? ? ?mmF ? ? ?mmG ? ? ?mm12.7-56.911.1-47.63.18-18.97.93-293.18-18.99.53-38.1Any inquiry,pls tell us the detail requirements!