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Date: 10th September 2016
Common Mode Choke
Name:Common Mode ChokeAlternative name:Common Mode Choke,Common Mode Choke Coil InductorMaterial:NiZn(Nickel,Zinc) for the ferrite corePurpose:1.LED Lighting. ? ? ?2.Next-generation mobile devices with multifunction such as adding color TV and digital movie cameras. ? ? ? ?3.Flat -screen TVs,blue-ray disc recorders set top box. ? ? ? ? ?4.Portable gaming devices,personal navigation systems,personal multimedia devices, ? ? ? ? ?5.Notebooks,desktop computer,servers,graphic cards..Test Samples:About 20-30pcs samplesDelivery:11-31 working days after the payment confirmedpeculiarity:1.Magnetic-resin shielded construction reduces buzz noise to ultra-low levels. ? ? ?2.Meltallization on Ferrite Core results in excellent shock resistance and damage-free durability. ? ? ? ?3.Closedmagnetic circuit design reduces leakage flux and Electro Magnetic Interference(EMI) ? ? ? ? ?4.30% hign current rating than conventional inductors of equal size. ? ? ?5.Takes up less PCB real extate and save more power.