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Date: 10th September 2016
Amorphpus Toroidal Core
Product Name: Amorphous Toroidal Core, Nanocrystalline Toroidal CoreComposition:iron, Nb?Cu?Si?BMaterial information:With excellent integrated magnetic properties and high saturation magnetic induction, high initial permeability , low Hc.high magnetic induction at the low resistivity. Currently on the market is the best overall performance materials.Applications:widely used in high power switching power supply,inverter power supply,magnetic amplifier,high-frequency transformers,high frequency converters,high frequency chokes iron core,current transformer iron core,leakage protection switch,common-mode inductor cores.SpecificationCore SizeCore magnetic circuit lengthCore effective ? ? ?sectional areaOD(mm)ID(mm)HT(mm)Lm(mm)Ac(mm2)UT-100705107.54.527.484.22UT-120803128.